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Working for the Weekend

28 Sep

My hero Dwight Schrute


It feels good to be a part of the working class again! Yesterday was my first day at my new job, and I’m diving in. I’m starting to get used to hearing legal jargon casually thrown in conversation: “Wrongful death,” “premises liability,” “medical malpractice,” and my personal favorite, “toxic tort,” to name a few.

One of the things I’m going to need to get used to is using Harvest, a sort of online time log. I’m required to track every minute of my work day, carefully allotting how much time I spend on each client’s articles, blog posts and such. I’ve never done anything like that before. It makes me feel like either a lawyer (making sure I squeeze every penny out of clients I can–not that that’s why my office does it), or some sort of zombie (harvesting organs, eating organs… etc.). There’s also cases of beer in the break room and champagne in the refrigerator, which reminds me I’m definitely not at PUC Enrollment Services anymore.

A somewhat disturbing part of my job is editing (and soon writing) blog posts and articles about fatal accidents, wrongful deaths, and learning about statistics such as “4,378 pedestrians were killed in traffic crashes in 2008,” according to the NHTSA. I apologize in advance for future posts (or texts/calls) that include alarming statistics such as the aforementioned one. I’m assuming I’m going to become a walking dictionary on morbid laws, crimes and accidents. And also very paranoid.

But don’t read this blog wrong and think I’m not excited–I am! I’ve already got my eyes on the newest edition of the Chicago Manual of Style and am desperate to create an in-house style guide to follow while I edit. (Yes, I am a nerd.) I also learned some basic HTML this morning, and already used it in the afternoon. I can’t wait to learn more. (Again, I’m a nerd.)

Oh, remember when I mentioned in my previous post my husband was pursuing some freelance opportunities? Well, he’s now a daily contributor to this fabulous blog, “Talk Nerdy to Me Lover,” and they already posted his first drawing. If you are my friend you will immediate fan them on Facebook and read my husband’s posts every day! 🙂


The Job Hunt is Over!

24 Sep

Well, it is for me. Thank goodness! I was getting tired of lurking on all the job boards. I kept crossing my fingers that I would find a job that paid me and was remotely connected to what I want to do in life, and wasn’t telemarketing or passing out flyers.

So, thankfully after about a month and a half, my job hunt ended yesterday. I went for a job interview in the morning and had an offer by late afternoon. And I accepted! I’m very excited.

I’m going to be an editor at a small legal marketing firm close by. I’m also going to help manage client blogs, and eventually, do a bit of copywriting. It will be full-time, and I start Monday! I think it’s a fabulous opportunity and I hope to learn a lot from my new co-workers, like more about SEO, HTML and web design. I’m really happy to finally get my foot in the door and seriously start my writing/editing career!

Today I’m enjoying my last lazy weekday, which includes playing lots of Stick Golf and Uno on my husband’s iPad. And not showering. I’m sad my new job means I won’t be spending so much time with my husband, but he’s got a lot of freelance opportunities in the works, so it’s probably a good thing I won’t be around to distract him. Also, I really like being able to afford things, like gas and groceries!

My new job means I need to go change my status on all the job boards, as well as retitle this blog and change the About section, all of which is crazy wonderful.

Things are definitely starting to look up for us!

And Then There Were Two…

21 Sep

My sentiments exactly, Jon.


Tomorrow marks a month that my husband and I have been married, and I’ve still got chipped polish on my nails from the wedding. We’ve resided in LA just a few weeks, and bad karma definitely found us. I’m not sure what we did to deserve it. Last night my husband said that maybe our situation is just getting all the bad karma out of the way, and that only good karma is in our future. I can only hope.

My husband was laid off from his new job on Friday, the job we moved to LA for. It was for an entertainment studio (“The-Studio-That-Must-Not-Be-Named”—yes, in my anger towards them I equate them to Voldemort, though I realize they are not that evil.) For the month of July, he commuted 4 hours round trip to work there. He’s an incredible, dedicated worker and it breaks my heart that this happened to him. A rep said as soon as they were able they would love to rehire him, but was unsure of when that would be. Two weeks? Two months? It is unknown. As you can imagine, as I am also job hunting, this is catastrophic. It is unreal to be in this position.

Yesterday my husband and I were at the local Coffee Bean, each of us checking all the job boards. One of the silver linings to this hurricane is that I get to spend more time with him. A few hours into it, my husband asked if this is usually how I spend my days. When I replied yes, he asked how I manage to keep the crippling depression at bay. While this is extremely dismal, it still struck me as humorous and I almost snorted my caramel Ice Blended out my nose laughing.

Besides checking Craigslist, Career Builder, Hot Jobs, Job Fox, Jobing, and Monster, we’ve realized that all the temp agencies in the Los Angeles area are crap, so that’s a dead-end. I’ve applied for almost 100 jobs between all the job boards, hearing back from very few places. Unfortunately I’m not crafty in any way, so don’t suggest I sell anything on Etsy. I read an article on CNN this week that claimed the recession was over in June, but not where I’m sitting. It’s depressing.

To combat this, my husband and I have been watching a lot of “Friends,” since we can’t exactly spend all day hitting refresh on the job boards. It helps a bit. It breaks my heart to see how sad my husband is. I’ve also been doing quite a bit of reading, and yesterday I decided to re-read a book from the “Anne of Green Gables” series–“Anne’s House of Dreams” seemed appropriate, as it chronicles Anne and Gilbert’s first years of marriage. However, during this read-through I found myself wanting to punch Anne and her dreamy, romantic view of the world in the face. I did find comfort in a few lines from their wedding ceremony, and I will close with them:

“They belonged to each other; and no matter what life might hold for them, it could never alter that. Their happiness was in each other’s keeping and both were unafraid.” (pg. 21)

Ants and Vodka

17 Sep

Marching On


One of the things we quickly discovered about our new house was that it has ants. And they’re stupid.

Since our refrigerator contains less than 10 items (causing our friend Nick to comment it looks like a college students’), and our little pantry consists of several un-opened bags of Chex Mix, these idiotic insects lurk in the master bedroom and bathroom, apparently hoping to find nourishment there. My husband and I don’t eat in bed, nor in the bathroom, so the behavior of the ants is baffling. We have left open containers of food in the den overnight, and the ants didn’t catch on. A few days ago I left a cup of water on my nightstand, only to awake the next morning and find it  swimming with ants. See–they’re moronic.

Now, I’ve never really had strong feelings about ants until now. They’re gross. I dislike seeing one or two of the little guys crawl on the counter while I blowdry my hair. While writing this post I read about them on Wikipedia (the most reliant and truthful online encyclopedia) and found it is nearly impossible to eliminate an ant colony. Instead, “Pest management is therefore a matter of controlling local populations, instead of eliminating an entire colony, and most attempts at control are temporary solutions.”  Additionally adding to the hopelessness, ants account for about 15–25% of the terrestrial animal biomass, according to Wikipedia. (source) That is terrifying. I no longer feel badly about applying Raid liberally to them. DIE.

In other housewife news, last night I ventured into the realm of cooking and emerged unscathed. My husband and I were graciously gifted a copy of Giada De Laurentiis’ “Everyday Italian” cookbook as a wedding present and I am determined to master a few of her recipes. Like a good Italian, I’m obsessed with pasta and my favorite sauce is vodka cream, where I decided to begin (pg. 67). By no means a complicated recipe, I was delighted to have the majority of it completed when my husband came home from work (bonus: I was wearing an apron). When I told my sister-in-law of our culinary plans, she informed me that a low-cut shirt must be worn by the chef for it to be a true Giada experience. As I was wearing a t-shirt, my husband graciously undid several of his buttons on his button-up shirt to accommodate this necessity while he finished grating the Parmesan cheese.

The recipe gets a B, since both my husband and I found the sauce too vodka-y. The linguine was practically drunk. The recipe calls for a cup of vodka, but as my husband said, “Giada’s a drunkard.” I would recommend halving that. Baked polenta (pg. 124) is the next recipe on the agenda, so stay tuned.

Becoming a Cliché

13 Sep

She's so happy!


Today I’ve been a good little housewife. Yesterday marked three weeks that I’ve been married to my wonderful husband, so it seems fitting that today would greet me with a plethora of household issues.

The morning started with a clogged toilet. I have never needed to use a plunger, until today. It was gross, it was disgusting, but I conquered it. Thank goodness the previous tenant left a Glade apple cinnamon fragrance spray, so now my bathroom smells like a nursing home.

It was on to clean the kitchen. For two people, my husband and I accumulate an unusually high number of dirty dishes. This is frustrating, particularly since we registered for those square plates, bowls and glasses from Crate and Barrel, which are a bear to wash as well as dry, though they are extremely visually appealing. Cleanliness reigns again in the kitchen.

Then, I built a Lack coffeetable from Ikea. I felt like a caveman at a computer. Am I the only person in the world who finds their little instruction booklets practically impossible to follow? I have always considered myself a very visual person, but when it comes to building Ikea products, I think I need a video or a 1,000 word how-to essay.

Now, I’m about to go use my new Bona mop that I picked up at Bed, Bath and Beyond last night. I’ve never had hardwood floors before, so I’m anxious to take good care of it, particularly since it was installed in the house right before we moved in (so I can’t blame anyone else for scratches on the wood, drat!). Apparently the NBA uses some form of the Bona, but I can’t help but look at the bit of plastic I have and hope the NBA has a larger, automated one of some sorts, or cleaning those stadium floors would take a lifetime.

I also have about eight loads of laundry on deck, which should entertain me until I need to get dinner ready for my husband. On the menu is grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup, about the only meal I can make without burning something or forgetting an ingredient.

And yes, in honor of this post’s photo, I’m doing this all while wearing a dress.


8 Sep

So beautiful!


As someone who comes to the City of Angels from a town that has a population of around 3,000, you could say I am intimidated. At the ripe age of 25, I find myself in a vastly different setting than my precious, rural Northern California town. Add in a new husband (I’ll be married three weeks this Sunday), and my new-found unemployment (it’s the first time I’ve been without a job since I was 15), and it’s enough to make someone curl up and sob buckets of tears — which I just did, but that may have been due to finishing The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society, a book my mother recommended and I reluctantly loved, though it made me feel twice my age.

This little WordPress will contain my rants, rages and raves as I attempt to navigate my mid-twenties in a time of great change, both in the world and in my own little world. I don’t mean that to sound pompous but I suppose in a blog sounding pompous is almost unavoidable. Please bear with me as I soldier on in the Realm of the Unknown, where cooking most certainly awaits poor, undomestic me.