Becoming a Cliché

13 Sep

She's so happy!


Today I’ve been a good little housewife. Yesterday marked three weeks that I’ve been married to my wonderful husband, so it seems fitting that today would greet me with a plethora of household issues.

The morning started with a clogged toilet. I have never needed to use a plunger, until today. It was gross, it was disgusting, but I conquered it. Thank goodness the previous tenant left a Glade apple cinnamon fragrance spray, so now my bathroom smells like a nursing home.

It was on to clean the kitchen. For two people, my husband and I accumulate an unusually high number of dirty dishes. This is frustrating, particularly since we registered for those square plates, bowls and glasses from Crate and Barrel, which are a bear to wash as well as dry, though they are extremely visually appealing. Cleanliness reigns again in the kitchen.

Then, I built a Lack coffeetable from Ikea. I felt like a caveman at a computer. Am I the only person in the world who finds their little instruction booklets practically impossible to follow? I have always considered myself a very visual person, but when it comes to building Ikea products, I think I need a video or a 1,000 word how-to essay.

Now, I’m about to go use my new Bona mop that I picked up at Bed, Bath and Beyond last night. I’ve never had hardwood floors before, so I’m anxious to take good care of it, particularly since it was installed in the house right before we moved in (so I can’t blame anyone else for scratches on the wood, drat!). Apparently the NBA uses some form of the Bona, but I can’t help but look at the bit of plastic I have and hope the NBA has a larger, automated one of some sorts, or cleaning those stadium floors would take a lifetime.

I also have about eight loads of laundry on deck, which should entertain me until I need to get dinner ready for my husband. On the menu is grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup, about the only meal I can make without burning something or forgetting an ingredient.

And yes, in honor of this post’s photo, I’m doing this all while wearing a dress.


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