I Am Not Ashamed to Say I Like the Clippers

1 Nov

Clip Show!

With the recent hullaballoo regarding the Giants winning the World Series, I thought it would be great to finally direct everyone’s attention elsewhere and to a different sport.

Upon moving to LA, I decided I would become a Clipper fan rather than a Laker fan, based on a few key principles:

1. Laker fans are generally ***holes;
2. Kobe Bryant is an idiot; and
3. Nobody likes the Clippers.

I apologize if you, the reader, are a Laker fan. You are probably not an ***hole. I have just found these three principles to generally be true in my experiences. (Mom, I used asterisks. And you know it’s true.)

For my October birthday, my very talented husband drew me as a rabid Clippers fan, which I hope to truly someday evolve into. Be afraid, be very, very afraid.

I recently attended opening night of the Los Angeles Clippers 2010-2011 season. The game was against my husband’s hometown team of the Portland Trailblazers. Normally my husband and I don’t allow ourselves the luxury of attending a professional sporting event, but tickets were a mere four dollars—I believe the convenience charges cost more than the actual ticket. Definitely affordable.

While attending the game, my fanhood was cemented, though the Clippers lost to the Blazers and at the post of this blog are 0-3.

How do I love thee, Los Angeles Clippers? To quote good ol’ Elizabeth Barrett Browning, let me count the ways (in no particular order):

The ClipPercussion. Upon entering the Staples Center, my ears were deafened by a lobby performance by The ClipPercussion, a professional drumming group known for “high-energy, trick-filled, ‘don’t try this at home’-type performances.” Apparently the entertaining act will only be entertaining at 16 games this season, so I count myself lucky to have witnessed their talents both pre-show and at half-time. Who doesn’t love a good drumline?

The Clippers Crowd Crew. A group comprised of energetic guys and gals, The Clippers Crowd Crew is a treat for the fans in the 300 sections of the Staples Center, a.k.a. all the cheapskates (myself and my husband included) who opted for the economical seats in the third tier of the stadium. Yes, the fans’ morale is so low, a sweatsuit-clad cheer team is needed to rally fans together and do the wave! Again I should count myself lucky to have seen their cheering talents, since they will only appear at 25 games this season.

The Clippers originally aren’t from California. Just like me! The Clippers were introduced to the NBA in 1970 as The Buffalo Braves and were located in Buffalo, New York. They resided there until 1978, when they moved to San Diego and became the San Diego Clippers. They only moved to Los Angeles in 1984, the year I was born.

The Clippers have never won a championship. What’s not to love about the underdog?!

In fact, the Clippers have just 7 winning seasons in its entire history. Only two of those are since 1984, when they officially moved to Los Angeles. Their 1986-87 season was particularly bad: they rocked a 12-70 record, which is one of the worst single-season records in NBA history. (source) Again I say, what’s not to love about the underdog?

The Clippers are named after boats. Apparently, when they moved to San Diego, the Clippers changed their name “to represent the boating and the sailing that can be done off the coast of San Diego in the Pacific Ocean.” Who wants to be named after something cool like a wolf, raptor, or hornet when you could be named AFTER A BOAT? (source)

They’re not the Lakers. See above.

Blake Griffin
. This rookie hails from Oklahoma, so he’s an LA outsider, just like me. Unlike me, however, he was born in 1989, which makes me feel very old (see “Happy Birthday to Me”). Blake Griffin was pretty impressive when I saw him play, grabbing 14 rebounds and 20 points, a sweet double-double. He also had 4 assists. He’s the player to watch this season, and I hope he does well.

There are some famous Clippers fans. If you can believe it, some celebrities chose to cheer for the Clippers rather than the Lakers, including: Billy Crystal, Jessica Alba, Frankie Muniz, and filmmaker Penny Marshall. While not as cool as, say, avid Lakers fan Jack Nicholson, they’re still cool nonetheless.

I’ll close with this great quote from an article that appeared in The Los Angeles Times a few years ago:

“Anyone can be a Laker fan, but it takes a true believer to be a Clipper fan.”


3 Responses to “I Am Not Ashamed to Say I Like the Clippers”

  1. Suze November 2, 2010 at 8:39 AM #

    Love it! Can’t say as I disagree with any of your points.

  2. Craig November 2, 2010 at 1:10 PM #


  3. ClipPercussion January 30, 2011 at 10:54 PM #

    Glad you got to see us at the game – hopefully you can catch us again!

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