All I Want for Christmas Is…

29 Nov

The Churches' Christmas Wish


Thanksgiving has passed and it is now acceptable to speak of all things Christmas. There are houses covered in lights and holiday music greets you at just about every public place. The nearby town of Montrose is even offering free horse-drawn carriage rides up and down Honolulu St. on the weekend. It is definitely the holiday season!

A little known fact about Larissa Church is that I grew up without a pet (unless you count Puffy, a goldfish my brother had about a week before we killed him [probably from over-feeding] and had to bury him in the backyard). As my husband says on his blog (he’s the one to thank for this post’s epic drawing), I “lived a very sad childhood” because I was without animal companionship as a child. He essentially grew up on a farm, raising two sheep, multiple cats and dogs, horses, and even chickens. I don’t even think he can recall a day without an animal in it, when my childhood is littered with animal-free days, sadly.

The reason for this atrocity was that my dad as well as my brother were allergic to every animal under the sun. After Puffy’s tragic death, we knew we couldn’t handle caring for another spooky-eyed set of scales (“zombies of the sea” as I like to refer to fish–they are so totally soulless!). Another possible pet option for our household were snakes, but my mother thankfully put her foot down on that one. Our family did for a time care for my brother’s third grade class rabbit Nibbles, even having her at the house for a few summer vacations. My father was forced to take medication for his allergies, which he did not appreciate. My mom and I, however, only had eyes for Nibbles, which is where my love of rabbits stems from, if you ever wondered about that.

I always vowed that as soon as I moved out, I would immediately get a rabbit and a dog. Ever since I was a little girl, I have always wanted a Golden retriever, and thankfully, my husband shares my love of this breed. After making the acquaintance of Kensington, the coolest cat my friend Miss At adopted last year, I soon added felines to my future entourage.

When my husband and I moved to LA, we were lucky enough to find ourselves renting a house from the family of our friend Troy. However, new carpets and a gorgeous word floor were installed shortly before our arrival, making the house definitely not pet-friendly. Additionally, the yard wouldn’t provide Champ (our future dog) adequate room in which to play–he deserves acres and acres.

So while my husband and I are logically content to be without a dog this holiday season, if I did have a Christmas wish, it would be to share some holiday love with a little Golden retriever puppy while I am wrapped in my Snuggie (see “I Have a Fever and the Only Prescription is More Snuggie!”), sitting next to my husband as we read by our fireplace.

It doesn’t get more Christmas-y than that!


2 Responses to “All I Want for Christmas Is…”

  1. Miss At November 29, 2010 at 7:21 PM #

    Kens is smugly sitting at my feet appreciating the recognition of his awesomeness. Miss ya!

  2. cameroncrazie92 November 29, 2010 at 7:22 PM #

    Was I summoned?

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