I just turned 26. I recently moved to LA after residing in the San Francisco Bay Area for over 13 years. I also recently got married in August of 2010. I spent the first month of my time here in LA unemployed, for the first time since I was legally allowed to work (at the age of 15). It appeared for a time as though my two liberal arts degrees were worthless. All the jobs I seemed to be qualified for were telemarketing or secret shopping, neither of which I have much interest in. I once received an email once asking if I wanted a job installing security systems, so you can see how depressed I felt. In late September, I accepted a position at a small legal marketing firm as the in-house editor and copywriter, and for the first time, I’m starting to feel like my career is finally on track.


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  1. griffingirl February 3, 2011 at 5:27 PM #

    So, your penname got me. Cynicallipgloss. So of course, i had to look and see who the mastermind behind the name was. your blog is awesome. your most recent blog made me smile. and laugh. youre a great writer!


  1. The Job Hunt is Over! « Makin' It - September 24, 2010

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